Beach Bar

Beach Bar

The famous beach bar is located just below our restaurant, on the beautiful green beach of Zografou. Made of wood, rod and straw, it looks perfectly camouflaged in the natural environment.

Unique in the area, the elevator that leads to it, serving families and our fellow human beings with special needs.

Comfortable sunbeds, wicker umbrellas, impeccable service exude calm and relaxation while at the same time something magically amazing happens next to you.

Enjoy quality coffee, colorful cocktails, light snacks and other drinks. It is the beach that will be chosen by all those who really want to enjoy their time.

The Beach

It is located near Koroni and in the village of Vounaria, from which there is easy access. It has a length of about 1250m. and the surrounding landscape is enchanting. Above the beach stands a large rock, where the restaurant is located. There is an elevator to access the bathers at the beach bar.

It has clear blue and crystal clear shallow waters, which deepen smoothly. It is worth mentioning that it is wonderfully protected from the winds, especially the north winds. Where the umbrellas are located, there is a breakwater, while along the coast there are rocks in some places.